NCEA Level 1 Maths: MCAT Basics

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The MCAT can be challenging, but in this online revision course we over everything you need to know to sit the MCAT with confidence. This revision course includes:

  • Videos covering how to study maths, basic algebraic procedures and how to identify when to use them and an introduction to problem solving.
  • A printable PDF workbook, that runs alongside the video presentation, and allows you to work through the key concepts, then test yourself with practice questions.
  • A PDF copy of the answers so you can check your work.

This course sits alongside our MCAT Advanced course which focuses more on problem solving and an in-depth look into the MCAT exam and how to approach sitting it to achieve merit and excellence. Find more info on the MCAT Advanced revision course here.


3: Substituting

This section covers substitution and starts from Page 10 of your workbook.

4: Simplifying

This section covers simplifying and starts from the bottom half of Page 10 in your workbook.

5: Fractions

This video covers fractions and starts from Page 12 of your workbook.

6: Expanding

This video covers expanding and starts from the bottom of Page 12.

7: Factorising

Factorising is important in a few different parts of the MCAT. It may be necessary before you can rearrange a given equation to be in terms of a different variable. This starts from Page 14 of your workbook

12: Putting It Together

The key to the MCAT is being able to recognise which of the skills we’ve covered applies to a question. In this section, we’ll look at how to recognise what strategy to use, and how to tie all our skills together. This starts from Page 23 of the workbook.