Intro to New Zealand Government & Politics

Our free course on New Zealand Government & Politics gives you the skills you need to understand the political landscape, and judge what’s coming out of politicians mouths for yourself.

The course features eight engaging videos that take a look at everything you need to know about the New Zealand political landscape including:

  • How elections work in New Zealand
  • How government operates in New Zealand
  • Political parties and what they stand for
  • The relationship between Māori and the Crown
  • What you can do to make a difference in politics
  • What is democracy?
  • How governments control the economy
  • A debate to tie everything we’ve learnt together and understand different perspectives within the political landscape


2: Governments and the Economy

You’ve probably heard about capitalism, socialism and other ways for the government to approach the economy. But what do they mean and where does New Zealand sit? Alistair and Julia take a look. How does a countries economic model impact the way the country operates? Something to think about – what are some pros and […]

3: How Elections Work in New Zealand

In New Zealand when we vote on election day, we get to tick two boxes. How does that work? How does the way we vote at the polling booth translate to the way MPs get seats in Parliament? McKenzie and Saeran explain. Why are there two ticks on the ballot form in New Zealand? If […]

4: New Zealand Government

So we’ve taken a look at who gets into parliament, but what does that mean about the way our country is run? Who makes the day to day decisions about what is best for New Zealand? McKenzie and Saeran take a look. What are the three arms of government? How important is it that these […]

5: Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative – Political Ideologies & Parties

You’ve probably heard the words left, right, liberal and conservative thrown around and may even know a bit about what they mean. This video takes a deeper look at the key ideologies that exist in politics, and how these ideologies translate to the parties that make up the New Zealand political landscape. Why do we […]

6: Crown-Māori Relations

The Crown and Māori have had a tenuous relationship to say the least. There have been some ups and some major downs. McKenzie and Julia take a look at the history behind it all and how it shapes New Zealand’s contemporary political climate. What led to the creation of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and The […]

7: Getting Involved – Civic Participation

So far we have discussed the ins and outs of democracy, elections and politics. But what does it all mean for us as an individual? Is there anything you can do to have your say in all of this? Jordan and Maddie investigate. What are the ways you can get involved with politics in New […]